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With technology evolving, the meaning of Make your content 100% authentic by using the free Citation Generator Tool. Choose your preferred style of citation - APA, MLA, and Chicago – and validate your content immediately.

What is a citation?

But now, paraphrasing is more than just replacing Citation is a way of giving credit to individual sources for the information you have taken from them.


When you perform research and use information from someone else, you must credit the source properly. Otherwise, you will get in trouble for plagiarizing content. On top of that, if you don’t cite the sources accordingly, your content will not be considered credible or authentic.

There are variations of citations including Parenthetical citation, Numerical citation, and Note citations.

Parenthetical citations are the most popular types of citation and are used in many fields. A parenthetical citation often includes the author's name, date, publishing business location, DOI (Digital Object Identifier), or journal-title.

Citation styles offered by our tool -

There are many types of citation styles for different fields. APA, MLA, and Chicago are the most popular parenthetical citation styles.

Typically, all of these three styles contain the same information, but in different orders.

By using our free Citation Generator tool, you can get these features below -

APA (American Psychological Association)

The 7th edition of the American Psychological Association's Publication Manual has established APA Style. Although APA was intended to be used in psychology, many other fields, including social sciences, use this style as well.

Example: rewritingtools, r. (2022, July 6). How to write creative content using paraphrasing tools.


MLA (Modern Language Association)

MLA style is the Modern Language Association's official style, as stated in the MLA Handbook (9th edition).

We commonly use this citation style in a variety of humanities disciplines.

It's an author-page rather than author-date style, unlike other parenthetical citation styles.

Example: rewritingtools, rewritingtools. “How to write creative content using paraphrasing tools.” Rewriting Tools, 6 Jul. 2022. Web. 11 Jul. 2022.


Because Chicago is an "author-date" style, the citation in the text includes the author(s) name and publication year. The information is entirely or partially given between two parenthesis brackets. Various academic fields such as sciences and social sciences use the Chicago citation commonly.

Example: rewritingtools, rewritingtools. “How to write creative content using paraphrasing tools.” (accessed July 11, 2022).

Why is citation important?

To avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism can be the worst enemy of a content creator. Plagiarism not only discredits your content but also hurts the original author and damages your credibility as a content maker. But if you use citations accordingly for the information from individuals, you can easily avoid plagiarism.

You can use a paraphrasing tool and a plagiarism checker to avoid plagiarism, but if you don’t cite the sources properly, your content will still appear invalid.

To validate your content

In this age where contents are overflowing, you need to validate your content to make sure your readers take it seriously. And the only way to make sure your content appears genuine is by using the correct citations.

There will be many cases when you will have to use copied text in your content. You must cite the sources to show that you are only being honest and not stealing or anything.

How to use this tool?

Our Citation Generator offers a simple, distraction-free interface from which you can get free citations for any source.
Follow these simple and quick steps to get your citation ready now –

  • Enter the required information in the given fields

  • Hit the “Generate Citation” button and get your citation right away.

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