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Definition of Plagiarism

According to Cambridge Dictionary, plagiarism is –

“The process or practice of using another person's ideas or work and pretending that it is your own.”

When you use someone else’s work as your own or forget to give due credit to the source, it counts as plagiarism.

definition plagiarism

What is Plagiarism Checker Tool?

Paraphrase App offers a free Plagiarism Checker tool that checks the entire internet to find duplicate content. It scans your given text and helps you find similar content within a few seconds. It provides accurate results and helps you to generate completely unique content.

Intelligent Analyzing

Intelligent Analyzing

Our duplicate content checker tool scans your text to find similar content that exists anywhere on the vast internet. There is no way duplicate text can go unnoticed by our tool.


Comprehensive Similarity Report

This tool offers a detailed similarity report including the source websites, and also shows which part of the text has been plagiarized. It shows a percentage-based result to help you determine the extent of plagiarism.


Integrated With Paraphrasing

If by any chance, your text is found to be similar to some other online text, you will have to rewrite your text to make it unique. Our Plagiarism Checker Tool comes along with a free Paraphrasing Tool that generates unique text and makes your text plagiarismfree.

Who Uses the Plagiarism Checker?



Before grading an assignment for quality, it must first be verified as unique. Our simple-to-use tool provides teachers with a quick and easy approach to checking and evaluating students' work. A comprehensive plagiarism check may help teachers at all levels guarantee academic integrity. Every year, teachers are tasked with validating the uniqueness of the work of a large number of students. By automating this procedure, teachers are free to focus on the quality of their work rather than its uniqueness.



While academic plagiarism is becoming more common, much of it is undoubtedly accidental. When submitting written work for grading, a simple, yet accurate and reliable plagiarism detector helps students like no other. It is far easier to perform a quick check for suspected plagiarism before submission than it is to convince a teacher after the fact that your content is unique. Our Plagiarism Checker even goes above and beyond plagiarism detection by assisting students in identifying and bringing the sources to you so you can easily find out exactly which part of the text matched. You can even download the plagiarism report and show it to your teachers as proof of uniqueness.

Copywriters and Bloggers

Copywriters and Bloggers

The risk of plagiarism is not limited to academics. Anyone charged with writing for another person or company has an ethical and legal obligation to provide unique work. Moreover, copywriters and bloggers often have to write about something out of their expert zone. In those times, they have no other way to do it other than taking information from other sources. Our plagiarism checker provides content creators with a quick and straightforward way to avoid copyright violations. You can even check large pieces of writing in a matter of minutes, and make sure your content is totally plagiarism-free.

Who Uses the Plagiarism Checker?

In the present time, a plagiarism checker has become a staple tool for students, teachers, copywriters, and businesses as well.

We have built our duplicate content checker tool by keeping your needs in mind. It offers
everything you need to create unique content.

Here are some good reasons to use our duplicate content finder tool –

  • Its simple interface makes it easy for all types of users to use the tool.
  • It’s a free tool and gives you unlimited chances to check for plagiarism.
  • This tool provides 100% accurate results.
  • Upload your files or copy and paste – this tool makes it easy for you to choose.
  • Our plagiarism checker tool provides quick results so you can find the result without waiting more than a few minutes.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. Will this plagiarism checker tool give me an accurate result?
  2. Yes. You will get a 100% accurate report from our Plagiarism Checker

  3. Is there any limitation on how many times I can check text?
  4. No. You can check as content as many times as you want with this plagiarism checker.

  5. Are plagiarism checkers safe to use?
  6. It’s legit to be concerned about the safety of your content when you are using a plagiarism checker tool. But you can rest assured of the full safety of your content when you are using our duplicate content finder tool.

  7. Is this Plagiarism checker free to use?
  8. Plagiarism Checker is totally free to use. You can use it any time and as many times as you want.

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