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Synonym based/Human-level Paraphrasing

Use more suitable words to make your text more readable.

AI-Based Paraphrasing

Intelligent paraphrasing mode to general the best result.

Creative Paraphrasing

Recreate your text in a bold way.

Sophisticated AI Technology

With technology evolving, the meaning of traditional paraphrasing has changed as well. Earlier, we used to refer to paraphrasing as the process of changing words and phrases while retaining the original meaning.

But now, paraphrasing is more than just replacing words with their synonyms. With the involvement of AI and its various branches, we have made paraphrasing more sophisticated and accurate. It is not limited to altering words anymore, now it works on how to understand the human language, and emotion, and generate accurate results.


AI or Artificial Intelligence refers to the science and engineering of building intelligent computer programs. AI is used to make computers understand things like the human mind is capable of and respond accordingly. Since paraphrasing is a task that needs creativity, ordinary computer programs won’t be able to understand the process nor they can respond naturally. That’s why we use AI technology in paraphrasing to make the computer sophisticated enough to understand human language, and human emotion and provide the correct result. AI combines computer science and a well-fed dataset to solve paraphrasing problems.

AI has several branches and sub-branches that are used in paraphrasing –

1. NLP (Natural Language Processing)

2. Machine Learning

3. Deep Learning

machine learning deep learning

NLP (Natural Language Processing) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that concerns the ability to make computers understand natural language in the same way humans can. It helps the computers understand the text and spoken words along with their different emotions and meanings. NLP uses rule-based human language models called linguistics such as Machine Language, Deep Learning, and statistical models and combines them to make computers understand human language.

NLP and paraphrasing have a very close relationship. According to Wikipedia, “Paraphrase or paraphrasing in computational linguistics is the natural language processing task of detecting and generating paraphrases.”

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science that utilizes data and algorithms to mimic how people learn, progressively improving its accuracy. In simple words, machine learning is a branch of AI that trains machines on how to learn from data, detect patterns, and make decisions with minimal manual intervention.

This subfield of NLP focuses on learning from existing data and making decisions about new data based on previous learning. Machine learning is important in paraphrasing because it learns emotions, contexts, and patterns of the existing text data or voice data and then independently uses the learnings on new data. Without the intervention of the machine learning model, it would be extremely difficult for programmers to train the computer about individual data.

Deep Learning is a sub-field of Machine Learning.

Deep learning refers to the sophisticated development of machine learning algorithms. The subject has received a lot of attention recently, and for good reason. Deep learning has made things possible that were not possible with only Machine Learning.

We use deep learning models in paraphrasing to bring more accuracy to the result. With the help of machine learning and deep learning, the computer can learn from the existing data, go through the complexities of the data, break and analyze them, and finally respond as humans can. With deep learning, computers require fewer human interventions and can independently make decisions based on the structured dataset and the training.


What is paraphrasing and how to do it right?

What is paraphrasing and how to do it right

Paraphrasing is the method of converting someone else's words into your own.

The process of paraphrasing a text involves modifying the words and phrasings while maintaining the original meaning.

Rewriting is also an alternative to quoting.

Quoting words can be good as well as uncreative at the same time. The academic writing field prefers paraphrasing to quotes rather than direct quoting. Paraphrasing quotes proves that the writer has read the quote and understood it well before writing it in his own words.

The correct way of paraphrasing

Before going further, we must understand that paraphrasing is not about replacing words with their synonyms. If you rewrite a text-only by changing the words, it will look awkward and readers might not understand the message properly.

We are not saying that it’s impossible to paraphrase only by changing the words. But manually, it takes time. Using a good paraphrase app or online tool can do the trick and give you more accurate results within a short time.

We are not saying that it’s impossible to paraphrase only by changing the words. But manually, it takes time. Using a good paraphrase app or online tool can do the trick and give you more accurate results within a short time.

The Relation between Paraphrasing and Plagiarism

Plagiarism is taking pieces of someone else's content and presenting them as your own without crediting the author, therefore claiming ownership.

Also, keep in mind that plagiarism might be accidental, such as incorrectly formed phrases or poor paraphrasing. In simple terms, unless you include a direct citation, your text should not be marked as copied, even if you credited the original author.

Paraphrasing is the skill to rewrite content in such a way that it passes all plagiarism detection algorithms with flying colors. You should be able to summarize an author's main ideas and put them into your own words.

Paraphrasing prevents plagiarism.

Plagiarism and paraphrasing both provide you with the idea of the original text. But while plagiarizing makes it direct stealing and unethical, paraphrasing makes it more creative and legal. Paraphrasing helps to offer the same concepts while not repeating what has previously been published someplace. That's a terrific method to rely on someone else's text without duplicating it.

Examples of How Our Different Modes Work
Standard Mode
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Creative Mode
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Who can use this tool?


For essays, compositions, quotes, or any kind of text assignment, students can use this tool and easily recreate their text.

If you are a student, you most probably have to write whatever you learned in your own way. Or if you are researching and writing papers then you have to write the researched content in your style. And that’s why you need to use the paraphrasing tool. Because manual paraphrasing is not what you want when you have lots of homework.

You can easily paraphrase the quotes from the source material with this tool to avoid copyright claims.


Researchers can use the rewriting tool to avoid plagiarism issues and rewrite the source content in their own way.


Teachers can get benefit from the article rewriter tool while creating notes, questions papers, and other documents for their students.


When you don’t like the way a sentence sounds, you can always spice it up with the trusty paraphrasing tool.


The Internet is a huge resource of content. There is so much content on the internet that bloggers have to scratch their heads to make something unique and reader-friendly. The paraphrasing app makes sure you have high-quality and unique content at your disposal whenever you need it.

Content writers

Content writers can use the paraphrasing tool to get rich and unique content within a ridiculously short time. They can easily recycle their old content and get unique content whenever they hit the paraphrasing button.

Why should you use our paraphrasing tool?

Our tool uses advanced AI technology
to bring you the most accurate and unique content.
People who are looking for a state-of-the-art paraphrasing tool can use this one.

  • This tool generates unique content and removes plagiarism.
  • Doesn’t harm the original message, but rather enhances the text quality.
  • Makes your text more readable
  • Replaces the old text with more suitable synonyms and revamps the sentence structures.
  • It paraphrases like a human mind expert in paraphrasing. But also processes it way faster than any human brain and generates results within a short time.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are some of the most essential writing tools online?

  • Paraphrasing tool/article rewriter tool –everyone who needs unique, high-quality text within a short time should know about rewriter tools.
  • Plagiarism checker – there is no better option than a plagiarism checker when you want to detect similar texts. The online tool can comb through billions of online pages and detect similar texts within seconds.
  • Grammar checker – If you want to make your content flawless, use the online grammar checker tool that detects and corrects grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, and spelling issues.
  • Word counter – keeping count of words is essential in writing. A word counter tool efficiently handles counting words and characters and allows you to control the length of your content easily.

2. Is plagiarism bad? Why or why not?

Plagiarism is bad for every writer. Plagiarism can get you into trouble for stealing other people’s work. Sometimes people plagiarize accidentally due to not checking their content for the identical text before publishing. But sometimes, people also plagiarize content intentionally as well. Plagiarizing discredits the original author and the content loses its unique value.

3. Is paraphrasing similar to plagiarizing?

Plagiarising and paraphrasing are not the same things. Plagiarizing means using someone else’s words and directly using those as one’s own content without modifying anything. Plagiarizing hurts the sentiment of the original author and discredits his/her efforts. On top of that, the original content loses its unique value due to plagiarism. Paraphrasing, on the other hand, is the ultimate tool to prevent plagiarism. It lets you use other people’s content by changing the words and sentence formats while preserving the original meaning. So, you can easily avoid plagiarism with the help of paraphrasing.

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